Copy of London Town, United Kingdom

Being a 20 Something is weird. We have about 1,426 things to figure out that will completely affect the rest of our lives but we're also told to enjoy life while we have the energy and the time and the freedom. It's like playing a really bad game of Musical Chairs. You want to have fun and laugh and giggle with your friends but you're also weirdly sick to your stomach that someone is going to get that last chair and all of a sudden there's no chairs and too much time has passed and you're running around alone in a circle and everyone's laughing at you and all of a sudden... you're 30. This is literally how my brain works every single day.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty stoked to be 30 flirty and thriving. But, that's a whole other game of musical chairs that we will play in a few more  years, my friends. In the meantime I've decided to to be the best dang 20 something this world has ever seen. And I've decided to embarrassingly document all of it for your personal enjoyment. Even the parts where I'm NOT taking photos of myself mysteriously looking off into the distance or documenting my brunch.

Being a 20 something is just a bunch of pishposh. It's messy and emotional and hilarious and exciting all at once. 

And now I'm going to attempt, to try, to venture,.... to show you how to do it. (God save us all)