Beginning at the end


Ok so I'm going to Begin at the end. Because After I ended then thats when I technically began. 


Let's Begin.

Love is pretty much my favorite thing in the entire world. I literally fall in love with at least every other Waiter/Bar Tender/Cute Guy in line that I come across in life.. Ok don't freak out I don't ever do anything about it. But in other words, I have a horribly ginormous heart. But through all this I have had one great love.  The kind of love that starts when you're too young to have found it and ends too late, leaving you with the kind of heart break that will follow you around for what feels like forever. The kind of heart break that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy- the disabling kind of love. I'm going to spare you all the drama and stop there. But That kind of gives you an idea of why there is an end for me to even begin from.

So as to not put a damper on things in my first post, I will just say that Love is what brought me to the end which lead to the beginning of this Blog.

I had it, it was big and deep and wonderful and horrible and then it was gone. And it was the weirdest feeling- something I've never had before- I literally didn't know what i was going to do next. I had an entire life set up for myself and my biggest decision set for the next 6 months was what kind of dog we should get. But Alas, I have no dog. And honestly looking back now, THANK GOD FOR NO DOG.  After the initial feeling of thinking I was actually going to DIE, I was able to take a breather, count my blessings and realize I was in a very exciting and unique position: I could do WHATEVER I wanted to do. I had NO plans. and I LOVED IT. 

So Heres what I did:

I Went to the Gym

I Cleaned out my car

I had a good cry

I Quit My job

I Put my stuff into storage

I Moved into a 80x80 shed owned by a leasing company called Mom&Dad, Inc.

I Bought a Ticket to Thailand

And The Blog Begins..